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Let's Find Out The Cost Of Copyright, You need to File?


The cost of copyright registration can vary based on the country and the type of work being registered. In most countries, including the United States and India, the fees for copyright registration are relatively affordable to encourage creators to protect their intellectual property.For instance, in the United States, the registration fee for a single work (as per last update in September 2021) was around $55 to $65 if done online, depending on the type of work being registered. Group registrations and paper filings have different fee structures.

In India, the copyright registration fees were in the range of a few hundred to a few thousand rupees, depending on the type of work being registered.

Here is a detailed explanation of the copyright registration fees in India:

  • Literary, Dramatic, and Musical Works: The registration fee for literary, dramatic, and musical works, including computer programs, is accordingly per work. This fee applies if the work is submitted online.
  • Artistic Works: For artistic works, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and applied art, the registration fee is accordingly work when submitted online.
  • Cinematograph Films: The fee for registering a cinematograph film is Rs. 6,000 per film if submitted online.
  • Sound Recordings: If you want to register sound recordings, the fee is Rs. 600 per recording when submitted online.
  • Copyright Societies: Copyright societies, which are organizations that manage and administer copyright on behalf of multiple rights holders, can register under the Copyright Act. The registration fee for copyright societies is Rs. 5,000.

Please note that these fees are specific to online submissions. If you choose to submit the application physically (offline), the fees might be different. Additionally, there could be other associated costs, such as the cost of preparing copies of the work and any legal or professional fees if you choose to hire a lawyer or consultant to assist you with the registration process.

It’s important to check the official website of the Copyright Office of India or consult legal professionals for the most current and accurate information about copyright registration fees and the registration process.

Why Is Copyright Registration Important?

Copyright registration is important for several reasons, providing legal and financial benefits to creators and owners of original creative works. Here are some key reasons why copyright registration is important:

  1. Legal Protection: Copyright registration establishes a public record of the creator’s ownership of a particular work. In case of any copyright infringement, having a registered copyright strengthens the creator’s legal standing in court. It provides a clear proof of ownership and the date of creation, making it easier to protect intellectual property rights.

  2. Deterrent to Infringement: Knowing that a work is registered and legally protected can act as a deterrent to potential infringers. It signals that the creator is serious about protecting their intellectual property, potentially discouraging others from using the work without permission.

  3. Legal Remedies and Damages: If someone infringes on a copyrighted work, the copyright owner can seek legal remedies such as injunctions (to stop the infringing activity) and claim damages in court. Additionally, statutory damages and attorney’s fees are often available for registered works, providing a stronger legal incentive for copyright enforcement.

  4. Global Protection: Copyright registration in one’s home country can be used as a basis for seeking protection in other countries through international treaties and conventions. This is particularly important in today’s globalized world where creative works can easily cross international borders.

  5. Preservation of Rights: In some jurisdictions, if a work is not registered within a certain timeframe after creation or publication, certain legal rights might be lost. Registration ensures that the creator preserves their rights and can fully enforce them under the law.

  6. Enhanced Credibility: Copyright registration can enhance the credibility of the creator or the publishing entity. It demonstrates a level of professionalism and seriousness about protecting one’s creative output, which can be particularly important for businesses, authors, artists, and other creative professionals.

  7. Licensing and Royalties: Copyright registration is often a prerequisite for licensing the work for various purposes, such as reproduction, distribution, public performance, or adaptation. It facilitates the collection of royalties and ensures that the creator is compensated for the use of their work.

  8. Resale and Legacy Planning: For artists and creators, having registered copyrights can enhance the value of their work, making it more attractive to collectors and investors. It also allows for better planning regarding the inheritance and legacy of creative assets.

In Other words, copyright registration provides a robust legal framework for protecting intellectual property, deters potential infringers, enables legal recourse in case of infringement, and supports the financial interests of creators and copyright owners. It is a fundamental step in safeguarding creative works and ensuring that creators are appropriately recognized and rewarded for their contributions.

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Rights Under Copyright Registration – The Complete Details

Copyrights protection is available for creations and artistic works. While it is an automatic right, registering under copyright law ensures better protection.

Copyrights protection is available for creations and artistic works. While it is an automatic right, registering under copyright law ensures better protection. Based on which work you are trying to register, the following are Copyright Registration India. Read more to know in detail about Rights Under Copyright.

The goal of granting copyright is to safeguard the owner’s creative labour. Copyright grants the owner the sole authority to carry out specific actions in connection with musical, theatrical, artistic, and literary works, as well as photographs and sound recordings. A copyright is valid for as long as the creator is alive plus 50 years after his passing. Cinematographic works have a 50-year copyright period from its release to the public, while photographic works have a 25-year copyright period following their creation.

The Copyright Act of 1957, which was subsequently revised in the years 1994 and 2002, governs copyright-related issues in India. In various circumstances, such as the following:

  • If an idea or concept belongs to someone else and is used in a different way, it cannot be claimed that copyright has been violated.
  • Ideas are not granted copyright.
  • Live events do not grant copyright.

Therefore, in order to grant copyright, the work that is being sought out for protection must be original. However, different nations have different requirements for what constitutes uniqueness. The standard of originality that must be demonstrated is lower in common law jurisdictions, such as the United Kingdom and India, while it is higher in civil law jurisdictions, such as France and Germany, where it is necessary to demonstrate a minimum level of creativity and the author’s intellectual expression in order to obtain copyright protection.

All Rights Under Copyright Registration

There are various types of legal rights under copyright:

  • Rights for the copyright owner
  • Right for reproduction
  • Adaptation rights or right for adaption
  • Distribution rights or right for distribution
  • Right of public performance
  • Copyright Public Performance communication rights or right of communication to the public
  • Right for paternity and integrity

Why Do We Have a Copyright Registrar?

The main role of the copyright registrar is to serve as a repository for copyright claims and related documents. It acts as an official record-keeping office where information about copyright laws and the registration process is made available.

Additionally, it manages the operations of the copyright office, preserving public records and providing valuable information to the public.

How Auriga accounting helps in copyright registration ?

However, Auriga Accounting Private Limited can assist individuals and businesses in various ways when it comes to copyright registration. Here’s how:

  1. Legal Assistance: Auriga Accounting private limited have legal teams or partnerships with law firms that specialize in intellectual property law. These professionals can guide individuals or businesses through the copyright registration process, ensuring that all paperwork is filled out correctly and filed with the appropriate government office.

  2. Documentation Preparation: Auriga Accounting can help in gathering and preparing the necessary documentation required for copyright registration. This may include proof of originality, creation dates, and other relevant information about the work to be copyrighted.

  3. Financial Support: Auriga Accounting Private Limited may provide financial support to individuals or entities seeking copyright registration. This could be in the form of covering legal fees, application costs, or other expenses associated with the registration process.

  4. Educational Resources: Auriga Accounting often provide educational resources or workshops to help individuals understand the importance of copyright registration and how to go about it. These resources can be in the form of articles, videos, or seminars.

  5. Networking and Partnerships: Auriga Accounting have networks or partnerships with intellectual property experts, including lawyers and consultants. They can connect individuals or businesses with these experts, making it easier to find reliable assistance for copyright registration.

  6. Digital Platforms: Online platforms or companies that deal with digital content (like photography, music, or writing) sometimes offer streamlined copyright registration services. These platforms guide users through the process and submit applications on their behalf, simplifying the process for creators.

  7. Copyright Management Services:Auriga Accounting Private Limited specialize in managing copyrights and royalties. They can handle the entire copyright process, from registration to licensing and royalty collection, allowing creators to focus on their work while experts handle the legal and financial aspects.